Is your PC slow, did you get a virus on your computer? solves your computer problem.

What can do for you?
  • clean up slow computers and remove spyware so it will run fast again: € 15,-
  • remove computer virusses, like for instance the infamous "police virus": € 20,-
  • hardware expansion for your PC, like a memory expansion or an extra graphical card: € 15,- (excl. hardware)
  • secure or solve problems with your wireless network at home: € 15,-
  • backup your data, move data to a new computer, Windows installation: depending on the amount of data and the like, but you will get a fixed price beforehand
  • make a website (in cooperation with starting at € 99,-/year
  • support for Excel, Office applications, also programming jobs for business (PHP, Javascript, Visual Basic, IBM RPG): describe your needs and get a quote.

You can bring your computer, have it picked up or comes over for service at home. In the last two cases, a travel fee applies (€ 6,-) and for service at home a fixed hourly rate of € 20,- per hour applies. In case you leave your PC with, you will receive a receipt with an indication of the state of your PC upon intake. operates discretely and guarantees your privacy.